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SINGAPORE. Vanessa Linares “The Family Tree” Barnadas Huang Gallery

20 december 2014 - 16 january 2015

In Vanessa Linares' in Asia, "The Family Tree", the artist examines relationships in different forms and colours.   Through a series of works with white and black backgrounds, Vanessa, who is heavily inspired by Japanese manga, brings her own interpretation and understanding of the world around her to the canvas.

Approaching the theme of family and friendship, with two different methods, Vanessa manages to combine vastly different styles into a cohesive exhibition.   Born into a family of seven, she grew up in the lively and sunny neighbourhood of Verneda, in Barcelona.  There, she learnt to create a world with no boundaries using her own imagination.  

In "The Family Tree", her white canvases deliberate mimics the translucence and gradient of watercolours.  In Marron Y Azul, her use of shapes and colour create a world that seems to be perpetually in motion.  Animals, representations of childhood memories as characters that have neither grown nor matured, collide with each other in bursts of colour and light. 

 Her black canvases use strong primary colours to create the effect of woodblock printing, capturing a more grounded perspective.  Nonetheless, her trademark surrealist signatures remain: in Vacio, the animals all gather on the border of the canvas, interacting with each other as the moon shines brightly in the centre of the painting. (Barnadas Huang press-release) 

Barnadas Huang gallery, 22 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249679

Image: Vanessa Linares