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GUANGZHOU. Carlos Irijalba / Jon Cazenave “Simultaneous Eidos” Guangzhou Image Triennial 2017

15 december 2017- 8 march 2018

The predecessor of Simultaneous Eidos -- Guangzhou Image Triennial was Guangzhou International Photography Biennial Exhibition hosted by the Guangdong Museum of Art, which was one of the major international photography biennials in China. Its basic purpose is to uphold the humanistic standpoint with international horizon and sociology of images and participate and promote the development of contemporary photography and culture in China. Reviewing the past three photography biennials (in 2005, 2007 and 2009), each exhibition established a theme and academic orientation focused on the history of photographic photography in order to showcase contemporary photographic practices. At the same time, the passion of national art museums for photography research and collection is ignited. Curators: Wang Shaoqiang, Alejandro Castellote, Bao Dong, Zeng Han

The exhibition showcases 16 international visual artists whose works establish different kind of dialogues among each other: Daisuke Yokota, Kensuke Koike and Go Itami (Japan); Carlos Irijalba and Jon Cazenave (Spain); Caio Reisewitz and Gisella Motta&Leandro Lima (Brazil); Marcela Magno (Argentina); Giancarlo Shibayama, Felipe Esparza and Pepe Atocha (Peru); Thomas Sauvin, Noémie Goudal and Antoine D’Agata (France), and Penelope Umbrico (USA).

Carlos Irijalba was born in Pamplona,Spain in 1979 and graduated in 2002 at the Fine Arts Basque Country University and studied at UDK Berlin.He currently lives and works between Amsterdam,Netherlands and New York,USA.

Inertia deals with the construction of reality.The piece emerged from some scenes,not included in the video of previous twilight project,that refer to the transit of light from one location to another.In both projects the lighting device engages directly with the real.In Inertia ,the route is a place and the vector imposes itself on the object.The present then tends to disappear in a continuous movement and what happens is indeed its non-presence.

Over its four-minutes length,Inertia responds to the conventions of rhythm,visual axes,and other narrative norms with the rules that we use to assimilate the entire audiovisual spectrum.There occurs a specific accident between the fragile rules of narration and the sophistication of what is staged,confronted with the inescapable physical connotations of gravity,weight,or the volume of the elements in its service

Jon Cazenave  born in Basque Country,Spain,in 1978 graduated from the University of Deusto in 2001. Cazenave' swork has been exhibited at international art institutions including Canal de Isabel ll Foundation(Spain),CCCB(Spain),Museum Belvédère(The Netherlands),Foto Museum Antwerp(Belgium) or CaixaForum(Spain).He has also participated in several international photography festivals such as Les Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles(France),Noorderlicht(The Netherlands),Photoespaña(Spain) or Tokyo International Photography Festival(Japan). In 2016 he was selected to participate in the 18th edition of "European Eyes on Japan"program as a representative of the European Capital of Culture San Sebastian 2016. (Guangzhou Image Triennial press-release)

Image:”Carlos Irijalba.  Inertia 3 , photography ( C-print ), 127cm×190cm, 2012.

GUANGZHOU Image Triennial 2017 Guangdong Museum of Art , Er-sha Lsland ,Guangzhou , China.