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MONZA. Bernardi Roig “Blow Up” Serre della Villa Reale

21 december 2017 – 23 march 2018

In order to be developed in the park of Villa Reale in Monza, Bernardi  Roig’s Blow-Up project requires the positioning of five, life-sized, white aluminium statues that face each other and constantly dialogue with the natural space of the landscape. The sculptures, hidden among the greenery and shrubs of the park, force the viewers to search for the revelation of the hidden image. This is a show of sculptures that, while being heavy and voluminous, seem not to be present. Just as Thomas (the photographer) obliged us, by way of his oblique view, to follow a trail into which to insert a meaning with his intervention in the park of Villa Reale, Bernardi Roig attempts to push the viewers further beyond their own view.  All his work has always been based on the close relationship and tension with the memory of images, always using light as a metaphor for memory itself. This is the plot of the story that allows us once again to deal with our visual heredity and put us on the frontline of our emotions.

Through his sculptural work, mainly his white sculptures created from casts of living people, which are a post-mythological reflection on the very meaning of the human figure as a final and solitary presence, Bernardi Roig proposes an itinerary based on strong ideas about the heroic act of looking. By using light, not in order to illuminate but quite the reverse, to blind us, he obliges us to explore an image imprisoned within our memory. 

His latest works are nothing other than an emotion, a contemporary vanitas that we build as a result of the impossibility of creation in order to follow along our path over the ashes of images.

Bernardi Roig (Palma de Mallorca, 1965) is one of the most outstanding Spanish artists of the current international scene. His multidisciplinary work (sculpture, video, drawing, painting, texts) is an obsessive reflection on isolation, erotic drive and desire through a distilled language of minimalist and conceptual heritage that places the representation of the human figure in the epicenter of its problems. His obsessive and disturbing works can be understood as devices of solitude in which the urge to “speak from the impossibility of speech” is present, trying to find figures and images for a deranged time. Organized by M.AR.CO. Monza Arte Contemporánea

Serre Reali, Viale Brianza 1, Monza (MB) Italia

Image: Bernardi Roig