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MIAMI. “Goaltending” Centro Cultural Español

7 september – 30 october, 2017

Goaltending proposes to understand the production of contemporary art, defined by mediating elements which interfere in the works perception,  proposing a reading of current art beyond the artists’ initial intentions and to some extent of their procedural relationships.

The project is debated between two divergent conceptual aspects, from one side to emphasize how the curatorial practice, as a mediating gesture inside the aesthetic processes, converges heterogeneity and similarities, implicit in the discourses and practices of the current art; and by other side, to point the Works in their particularity, defined by their contextual relationship goals.

In this sense, it´s interesting to emphasize the coexistence of artists who belong not only to physically distant latitudes, such as Spain, Cuba and the United States, but also to generational, thematic and generic distance. And how, through dissimilar weft, the selection of works get to contrasts different nuances within painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video art, sketching out a point of view marked by the fragmentation and plurality of tendencies that constitute the idea of ​​the current art.

From the curatorial action it´s proposed a rereading of the works beyond the intentions of the artists, pointing out different meanings, marked by a diversity of points of view, generated by the theier spaces of social circulation.

On the other hand, the exhibition highlights its own contradictions by questioning the curatorial discourse in favor of works, that is, approaching an accumulation of different narratives where the most important could be the works themselves, breaking the hierarchies between the artists’ point of view and the look of the viewer.

The exhibition tries to underline two different areas from where to understand the practice of contemporary art:

One is the aesthetic process as a structural relationships system, in which different readings converge, where the works and their concepts are consequences of different frames and negotiations.

And on the other hand, an aesthetic approach that highlights the specific value of works through subjective linkages, which fracture the correspondence between the intentions of the artists, the works and the way in which these can be perceived by the public.

Artists: Paula Rubio Infante,  Waldo Díaz Balart , Eugénio Ampudia,
Eugénio Merino,
 Ruben Martín de Lucas, Juan Francísco Casas, Yunior Mariño , Marina Vargas,  Manuel Franquello, Grupo DEMOCRACIA , Ángela Valella, Juan Pablo Ballester, Lisbet Fernández, Marcos Valella, Ernesto Capdevila, José Bedia, Yeny Casanueva, Alejandro González (Procesual press-release)

Centro Cultural Español. 1490 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL

Image: “Noli me tangere” Marina Vargas