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BRAGA. Ruth Gómez “Truques visuais” GNRation Galley

1st June  - 7th September, 2103


Ruth Gomez’s work is sensitive to quotidian scenes and is close in time. She proposes animated stories that reflect, on one hand about human nature, and on the other about forms of evasion through fantasy. It is an extension of her own experience that could be ours, resulting sometimes in shared projections where reality and fiction intertwine.
Her images – characterized by dynamism and her personal use of color – are influenced by classical drawing, pop art and Japanese anime. At the same time, they are the result of a complex network of lines and points that bring together her adapted digital media to pictorial qualities. Richard Neyroud

GNRation gallery with the support of  Mario Sequeira Gallery, Praça Conde de Agrolongo, Braga, Portugal.

Image: Ruth Gómez