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SAN JOSÉ. “UPFRONT” Centro Cultural de España

8 august – 24 september, 2017

UPFRONT is an immersive exhibition project featuring the work of 23 top contemporary photojournalists from various Spanish-speaking countries, working in areas of conflict all over the world. 
The title of the project refers to the deadly front lines on which today’s photographic vanguard operates to quench the world’s thirst for non-stop news. It also alludes to the front row seats that we all get thanks to the brave men and women, often freelancers with no institutional support, who venture out to the most remote and dangerous zones to serve as our eyes.

The images provide a representative sample of the ubiquitous 24/7 visual feed that underpins our perception of the world. The unusual way the photos are presented also reflects the way the content captured and mediated by photojournalism is “consumed” today. UPFRONT also includes videos, a soundtrack, and an example of a photojournalist’s basic camera gear and survival kit.

Photographers: Abd, Bonet, Brabo, Calvo, Caro, Colón, Cubillos, de Vega, Félix, Gallego, Gª Vilanova, Ibarra, López, Lubaki, Martín-Chico, Martínez Casares, Maysun, Moral, Pirarenko, Fabrés, Sánchez, Valle, Ybarra, Gil Moreno. Curator: Ramiro Villapadierna.  (CCECR press-release)

Centro Cultural de España. Calle 31, San José, 10150-1000. Costa Rica

Image: Raúl  Gallego Abellán. AP Photo. Egipto 2011