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KHÓLN. Matías Krahn “Rubedo” 100 Kubik Gallery

26 january -13 march 2018

With "RUBEDO“, Matías Krahn  presents the last series of his alchemistic journey into his self-knowledge as an artist, which bonds and unite the preceding ones. After “Nigredo” and “Albedo” Krahn’s unadulterated image-language and stylistic handwriting reaches yet again a higher level of harmonic stability: Once more, aspects like the pure and varied use of bright colours as well as the poetic materiality of the surface are to the fore in his artworks. This witty and intellectually stimulating result of a steady wish to understand the world, is hopefully going to enchant as well as positively surprise you as much as us! (100 Kubik press-release)

GALERIE 100 KUBIK. Raum für spanische kunst. Mohren Str. 21. 50670 Köln

Image: S/T. Matías Krahn

KÖLN. Teresa Solar “KölnSkulptur #9: La Fin de Babylone”Skulpturenpark

15 october 2017 - 15 march, 2018

KölnSkulptur #9 opens on October 15, 2017, at 11am, marking the 20th anniversary and ninth edition of Skulpturenpark Köln. Under the exhibition title "La Fin de Babylone. Mich wundert, dass ich so fröhlich bin!” the curator Chus Martínez invites you to listen to the stories that the park has to tell. 
The focus is on eight new works by artists Andrea Büttner, Claudia Comte, Jan Kiefer, Eduardo Navarro, Solange Pessoa, Lin May Saeed, Teresa Solar, and Pedro Wirz. The artworks are not magic, though they all share the idea that sensation is what fuels a new imagination of the world we are living in. They all animate the nonhuman - nature, metal, wood, stone, Earth - and bear witness to a common territory between us and animals, between plants and geological life.

Teresa Solar (b. 1985 / Spain) lives and works in Madrid (ES). Her work comprises varying practices that materialize in audiovisual as well as sculptural works while connecting those different languages and disciplines. She structures her projects around characters and constellations exploring the double natures of the elements. Her work has been shown at Kunstverein Munich (2017) and Matadero, Madrid (2018), amongst others.

Skulpturenpark Köln. Riehler Straße (Haupteingang). 50668 Köln

Image: Teresa Solar. Pumping Station, 2017. Resin, Porex, bronze

KÖLN. Álvaro martínez-alonso “My grandfather's vest, a wooden stick, 12 almonds from my village and other objects with uncalculable value” 100 kubik Gallery

june 23rd - august 25th

Álvaro Martínez Alonso's exhibition (*1983, Burgos) “My grandfather's vest, a wooden stick, 12 almonds from my village and other objects with uncalculable value” wants to be understood as an invitation to think about the value we give those objects that accompany us throughout our paths. It's an inventory that embraces some of the goods that the artist captures as his inheritance. It contains 127 goods that have a special significance to the artist because of their symbolism.

When a deceased does not compose a testament prior to his death, the notary has to consider who inherits his goods of a certain economic value when enforcing the inheritance: furniture, cars, shares, insurance, bank accounts, jewelry, etc.
In the best case, the remaining properties are being stored by the closest relatives. Still, it is uncommon to make an inventory determining the objects characteristics and who should receive them.
Therefore many times a broken watch that the deceased kept since his youth, the hat he brought from a vacation in Athens, the photograph of an old girlfriend, and other apparently irrelevant objects end up in the hands of a few descendants who are clueless about their value, getting rid of them or banishing them to oblivion.

Always exploring the most suitable way to tell a story or express a concept, Álvaro Martínez works in a variety of mediums of the visual arts. Based on his personal experiences, Álvaro approaches socio-political as well as emotional issues, often portraying social situations that tend to be forgotten.

GALERIE 100 KUBIK. Raum für spanische kunst. Mohren Str. 21. 50670 Köln

Image: Álvaro Martinez Alonso. 100 Kubik galerie