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Past Expositions

24 september – 11 december, 2016

Impossible things don’t know they are impossible. – W. Disney

Surprise is an exhibition in which the power of imagination is central. In astonishing ways, the Netwerk building is transformed into an adventurous art circuit with much to see and do. 
Thanks to its theme, Surprise is particularly attractive for young visitors of Netwerk, although the exhibition caters just as much to an adult audience. So one may expect much more than a typical group exhibition. Experience an adventure both physical and psychological.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. – A. Einstein

The Black Box of Netwerk: The Netwerk Archive forms the basis. There is new or existing work by Lida Abdul, Roel Backaert, Vincen Beeckman, buren, Jana Cordenier, Marc Ghijsels, Binelde Hyrcan, Lola Lasurt, Ivo Provoost & Simona Denicolai, Grethell Rasúa, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, Floris Vanhoof and interactions by Rik Moens.

Lola Lasurt (Barcelona 1983) “My work comes from graphical material that testify a period of time that correspond at that of my previous generation, thus a temporal space that I have never occupied. I work with displaced time aspects, those which make us appeal to the past at present when it becomes difficult to embrace. I work with the time just before I was born and with the paradoxes of an epoch that was to suppose lots of changes. It is about having a concrete and stable case to study. I vindicate personal historical time working from my own family's albums where referents operate as narrative structures. I also work with concrete editions that were instructions dictated by hegemonic culture. I work with the last layer of things which deal with appearances in two different ways; it can be even through a phenomenon of recognition or, on the contrary, through a phenomenon of strangeness unable to approach the rare in familiar terms. Taken all together, it marks a return to the past that establishes a dialogue between our current beliefs as a collective which are still in a state of confusion posing questions about what it is that makes up now our identity”

Artists: Netwerk Archief / Lida Abdul / Roel Backaert / Vincen Beeckman / buren / Jana Cordenier / Marc Ghijsels / Binelde Hyrcan / Lola Lasurt / Ivo Provoost & Simona Denicolai / Grethell Rasúa / Dimitri Vangrunderbeek / Floris Vanhoof(Netwerk press-release)

Netwerk / center for contemporary art. Houtkaai 15. 9300 Aalst. Belgium

Image: Lola Lasurt