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Foto: B. Mora

CARACAS. Luis Pérez Calvo “Ahí Viene La Plaga” Backroom Projects

october 3 - november 15, 2014
Luis Pérez Calvo, is a compendium of American pop dotted with thoroughbred nostalgic elements that come to life through painting and collage.
From the aesthetics of comics, Luis Pérez Calvo invites contemplation of small everyday stories and "insignificant" or "vulgar" details that go unnoticed for ordinary urbanites.
Luis Pérez Calvo (Madrid, 1962) is a painter and illustrator. His childhood was marked by the circus, double programs theaters continuous session, cassettes, discs, Sunday visits to the popular market of El Rastro, the festivals and comics. His work has been published in We are the dead (NSLM), The Ugly, Visual, Trauma or Lucky !, and today is represented by the Madrid Liebre Gallery. (Backroom press-release)

Backroom Projects, Altamira 1060.Caracas

Image: Luis Pérez Calvo