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Foto: B. Mora

MEXICO. Montserrat Soto “Silenciosos Susurros” Luís Adelantado Gallery

19 september – 29 november, 2014

The photographs shown in the show Silenciosos susurros (Silent whispers) by Montserrat Soto at Luis Adelantado Gallery Mexico represent places extended in time. They are images which introduce the past and the present in a continuous evolution in a continuous rethinking of contemporaneity. In this exhibition, Soto leaves on the walls of the gallery a reflection on the exterior and inte­rior world, on the recognized and the expectation of what will come, in a constant study of the environment in which we live and its desires. Her photographs of landscapes glide us to places we know and where we live and look in a special way to join them in their half-spaces created on the walls of the gallery as a trick creating new spaces within the same walls.

Silenciosos susurros is part of the project Montserrat Soto has been working on in recent years about different communities in the world and their current developments and which is inclu­ded under the title of Doom city, del hombre nómada al hombre sin lugar. (Doom city, from nomad to man without a home).

Montserrat Soto (1961) lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. She has presented her work in the last years in Sanish Authors Collective Big Sur, in Berlin with “The limits of perception”; in Joan Miró Foundation from Barcelona, in Room Koldo Michelena of San Sebastian, in CGAC center of Santiago de Composela and Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, inside PHotoEspaña. (Luis Adelantado press-release)

Galería Luís Adelantado. Laguna de Terminos 260. Col. Anahuac. 11320 Miguel Hidalgo. México DF.

Image: “Invasión sucesión 44”. Montserrat Soto 2014