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Foto: B. Mora

ALTKIRCH. Daniel Steegmann Mangrané “Animal que no existeix” Centre d´Art Contemporain

19 october 2014 – 18 january 2015

Animal que no existeix inhabits an immaterial, abstract and unstable space. Animal que no existeix wanders through Daniel Steegmann Mangrané's exhibition, developing in it, as a process of exchange and operations of transformation.

Animal que no existeix is a perceptible space with no object. Animal que no existeix is made up of relations between subjects (entities) and exchanges of perspectives which engage the viewer in visualizing the potential for transformation of the phenomena perceived. Animal que no existeix spatializes viewpoints in the exhibition, and by being one with it, the viewer tries to adopt them … these viewpoints.

Animal que no existeix may (at times simultaneously) use drawing, collage, cut-outs, film, and installation, and develop organically to achieve the right level of abstraction allowing it to migrate from one piece to the other. Animal que no existeix overlays different strata of relations and ramifications. Geometric grids, and in the middle of these grids, a lozenge. A combination of V-shaped chevrons that can be multiplied ad infinitum. An element structuring the abstract motifs of the “people who draw” of Amazonia, referring to the myth of the Great Anaconda a seasoned, chevron-striped snake which allegedly taught the Indians how to weave and draw. Animal que no existeix makes the wall vibrate and crunch and dissolves in the abstract space of thought. Animal que no existeix is an ambiguous song which has lost an S’. Animal que no existeix is an animal which does not exist.

A monographic book of Daniel Steegmann Mangrané designed by Manuel Raeder and edited by Rivet will be released in 2015. (CRAC. Alsace press-release)

The exhibition is supported by KriskaDECOR, Montblanc, Spain.

Centre Rhénan d´Art Contemporain, 18 rue du chateau. Altkirch

Image: Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Phasmides, 2012