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Foto: B. Mora

LONDON. Eli Cortiñas “Awkward Studies and a Decent Take on Serious Matters” Rokeby Gallery

02.May – 15.June. 2013


Rokeby is delighted to present Eli Cortiñas first solo exhibition in London in which the artist presents a recent video work alongside assemblages and collages. In Cortiñas´s  recent work, Confessions with an Open Curtain is based on found footage of blonde female characters with their backs to the viewer; the curtain becomes the central figure, the women at once annonoymous and exemplified. As the viewer we gaze out of windows over the female charachters shoulders but any Romanticism associated with such acts are put to an end with the female quotes lifted from the source material: It's the best thing a girl can be in this world - A beautiful little Fol.

Eli Cortiñas was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1976 and currently lives and works in Berlin. Having studied at the European Film College in Denmark the artist attended the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Her work was most recently included in Videonale 14, the festival for contemporary video at the Kunstmuseum Bonn.

Image. Eli Cortiñas, Confessions with an open curtain, 2011, single channel video, 5'30''/ Loop, colour.

Rokeby. 5-9 Hatton Wall. London EC1N 8HX