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Foto: B. Mora

VENICE. Francesc Torres, Mercedes Álvarez “25%: Catalonia at Venice” Cantieri Navali. Biennale di Venezia

30 May – 24 November 2013


The 25% project, a new work from visual artist Francesc Torres and filmmaker Mercedes Álvarez curated by Jordi Balló, departs from a reflection on the role of art in the situation of systemic crisis in which we are immersed. 25% refers to Catalonia's unemployment rate, which is well known internationally, with a mass unemployment affecting a fourth of the country's active population that forces us to take initiatives in reaction to prevent this situation from becoming a tolerated state of life that turns invisible since it affects a plurality. Making it visible, showing its severity and the dignity of those in this situation and their ethical and aesthetic paradox are also central aims of this proposal. Visitors will find photographs of the eight subjects chosed by the artist enlarged to mural size and accompanied by a brief biography. The collaboration between Torres and Álvarez evokes the ties shown between art and cinema, a current topic of debate in many international centers addressing new interpretations of contemporary art. (Biennale di Venezia press release)

Cantieri Navali, Castello 40

Image. Mamadou Kheraba Drame, from Senegal 43 years old, in Barcelona since 15 years. Photo. Francesc Torres. Institut Ramon Llull