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Foto: B. Mora

NANTES. Isaac Cordal “The new slavery”. Temple du Goût, Nantes

28 june – 1 september 2013


The show features a series of sculptures (what he refers to as Cement Eclipses), installed in the fantastic indoor setting, as well as a display of photography and videos related to his outdoor interventions. Cordal’s work has always had heavy political undertones and the new pieces aren’t any different. He states: “The new slavery reflects on society related to a new type of slavery: a daily slavery. We are immerse in a new form of bondage, without chains, but that keeps us perpetually completely tied to the perpetual work and payment of a debt, both private as to the state.”

Temple du Gout in Nantes,16 allée Duguay-Trouin, 30 rue Kervégan. Nantes. France

Image: Isaac Cordal